Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soon - inside me.

Last night I could not sleep.
I reached for you and we embraced, then we kissed.
Your kisses were sweet and your touch was warm.
You pushed my shoulder and I rolled onto my back.
You lay between my legs and dry humped me.
Your trusts drove me back and I rocked my hips to take it.

In the table next to the bed, just a foot away, in a dark drawer is the dildo.
And there the lube and the dildo harness.
All the things we need.
You don't penetrate me this night - you just make love to me.
You hold me.
You listen and comfort.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Secrets - thought of the day.

Felling sexy. Feeling like you share a secret. You and your woman - things you do in private.
We had sex that afternoon. My wife had been above me wearing her rig and made love to me. She kissed a caressed and plowed me.
Later, walking through town on the way to diner and a movie I held our secret in the front of my mind. No one would guess that she had fucked me like a man, that I had taken the feminine role. My ass is hers I thought. I keep my self in shape, stomach flat, body hard. I shower and shave and engage her - I want to be wanted. I love the feeling on wanting to be wanted, to project my sexuality and welcome seduction.

Talking to friends, I feel sexy knowing that my ass is hers. What is she thinking? What is her secret? Does she want to ask the other women if they plow their men?
My ass is hers, anytime.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fiction - The Fiona Files - Part 1

The Fiona Files.

**Fiona is my muse, I use her in much of what I write. Please read and enjoy.

Part I

Fiona had allot to do so she moved at a busy pace; straighten up the shelves, change the phone message. She hustled now, sweep, count, pack, lock, grab her pack and out the door.

Her dark ponytail swung about and brushed her bare shoulders, she felt free and sexy. She walked in a way that made her feel strong, she could feel the strength of her legs and ass.

Fiona exchanged waves and smiles with the other people on the street. Everyone was closing up and heading home or wiping down tables beneath awnings getting ready for the evening crowds. Passing the bakery she gave special little wave to Conrad, not so much a wave, just a secret little pinkie wave, and his response was to blush and turn to hide his erection. Passing the flower shop she waved a friendly wave and she raised an eyebrow just a bit to Emma who then bowed her head and secretly squeezed her thighs together. Fiona loved the late afternoon when night caresses the day and day becomes the night. You've done your work she thought, you've made your living and now it's time to play, to become that other person.

There was never any doubt who that other person was and the two Fiona's lived side by side in perfect harmony. One was a bright young shopkeeper, friendly and familiar, at ease talking with grandmothers, carpenters, cops; whoever happened into the shop.

The other Fiona was a lithe, keen eyed, sexual being. She didn't wait for gratification or hope that her lovers would perform competently. No, Fiona saw to it that her lovers met her needs. Her lovers were never subservient or submissive in the classic way, but it seems they always wanted to please her. As her lover you either gave Fiona what she wanted or let Fiona take as she desired. So her lovers, be they men or women found them selves either on their knees eating her pussy and or on their knees with a dildo in their ass. It was up to Fiona entirely and you gave it gladly. And so it was on that warm July night that Fiona worked the tumblers of my lock and entered.

Part II

Sexually available. Fio called me on her lunch break to say that she would be by tonight and that she had been thinking about me for days. Sexually available. That's the drum beat that pounds in my head. Sexually available, willing, wanting. Sexually available and beautiful, that's how I feel. Sexually available, an object to be used. I want to be wanted. I want to be seduced. I want to be taken. One little push and my shirt is over my head, my belt torn from my waist. One wet kiss and I am on my back, legs spread wide, a willing vessel, the welcome home, an easy lay. Sexually available.

I hear her mount the stairs, work the lock and then there she is, in a little black dress, one hundred little buttons up to the chin, blocky boots and a Hillary Swank smile. Fiona quietly closes the door and turns. She poses now, leaning back, hands behind, holding the knob, one knee up, boot against the jam."Got a kiss for me?" Her pouty lips pull back and her smile reduces me to putty. Her smile explodes and hits the farthest corners of the room. Her smile beams through my body, burns through my core. Her smile is a million dollars. It could buy land, it could buy gold, it could buy enough arms to defend a nation. It could buy me.

"I have more than that." I say moving towards her light even as the heat blisters my flesh.

"My Johnnie." She says softly. Fiona takes my face in her hands, my eyes close and she sweetly kisses me on the lips. The tension drains from my body, I fold into her lilac embrace and inhale her. With that one kiss, that one breath of her, the coolness of a river washes over me. Baptism. We stay like that for a long moment, arms around each other, check to neck, body to body, man to woman. Our hearts find each other, flutter a time or two, then begin beat together. Fiona.

"I'll make you a Margarita." I say pushing away with a laugh.

Sexually available. I am wearing nothing but my jeans. I know that she is looking at my back and shoulders. I know that she was tracing the line of my spine into my jeans, they hang just low enough to make her want to see more, more of what is just below the waist, just out of sight but there for the taking. Available.

"Did you run today?" she asks moving up behind me. "You look great."

I know I look great. "You called, I ran. I'm as clean as you like me"

"God you have a sexy back."

Fio moves up behind me and reaches around to loosen my jeans. With her other hand she reaches down the back of my pants. I spread my legs, assume the position. Yes officer. Her hand dives and probes until I am leaned against the counter and her finger is exploring my ass. She finds the hole that I have lubed and insets a finger. The taking has begun. Forget the drinks I can hardly stand. Fio finger fucks me with one hand while exploring my body with the other. Her fingers softly trace the contours of my muscles, she inspects my neck, shoulders, arms, the veins of my arms, my nipples, my stomach. Objectification. Just an object, a really fit guy. Rough, she is really rough, she probes my ass like she has lost something in her purse. She jams my jeans down with her knee and then her foot. I step out of them and she kicks them across the floor. Naked now. Available. She rakes my hair with her fingers then grabs a hank pulls my head back. Fio knows how to weaken me, how to hit the pleasure spots. With every new angle she achieves, with every little bit deeper that she digs I crumble that much more. I slowly start to grind, to offer my ass, to encourage her. Fiona braces a hand against my back and widens her own stance. Middle finger now, deeper, now two fingers, humping my ass with her hand. My breath comes fast. An object. I could be any guy with a flat stomach and tight ass. It's not me, she doesn't know me. She says my name, "Johnny" in the sweetest way and I melt, I absolutely come apart. Objectification, I am an object, like a photo spread; ass, tit, pussy, cock, two pussies, hole. I am a guy in jeans with a nice cock that likes to get pegged. It's never, "Johnny, how was your day?" or "Johnny, what about the starving children in India?" No, it's just, "what a sexy back." or "you can really wear a pair of jeans."

And I love it. I come cheap. Fiona can take me any time. She can take me for a minute or a day, I don't care. I am an object, available. Eat me, fuck me, fuck you, eat you. Your call Fiona. Any time.

"You should lie down." she says taking my hand and leading me to futon on the floor by the bay window.

I lie back against the pillows and prop myself on my elbows. My cock is hard and hungry, my balls hurt, I have been wanting her so long.

Fiona stands and takes her dress off undoing the many buttons in a methodical way. Fio has small, beautiful breasts, her nipples hard and brown. Her belly is flat, she doesn't wear panties, just the dildo harness. I open the box on the floor next me and pick out her favorite dong, a white 7 inch silicone dildo. Now my cock is absolutely dancing and my ass is tingling from the finger fucking. Fio doesn't look at me, she just works the snaps and buckles of the harness until her dick is firmly in place. I am always amazed that none of the people passing by out on the street see this little scene. I live in a ground floor apartment that faces the street and Fiona never pulls the curtain. Fio knows what seeing her wearing a dildo does to me so she always takes her time to be seen from different angles. It takes all my will not to start jacking off.

Now she's on me, always the same. Kissing me. "My beautiful Johnny. Have you been thinking of me?"

My head back to expose the flesh of my neck and express my longing, "Oh Fio....if you knew how often I think of you."

"What are you thinking now Johnny?" she asks as she lubes my ass.

"Nothing, nothing Fio."

"Johnny." rougher now. "The truth." With two fingers deep in my asshole she closes her hand and lifts me back against the cushions. Her lips on my ear she says, "Truth Johnny, I want to hear it. Tell the truth".

I can't lie, so I spill. "I'm thinking that I am a beautiful girl, that it's summer, I am lying in a field of uncut hay. We are girl lovers." My heart is pounding out of my chest, my breath is ragged. "The ground is warm, the hay is scratchy, it pokes me. I know you will grind the dirt and hay into my back, but I want to get dirty, really dirty, I want sex, sweaty, dirty sex. We have found your sisters' strap-on. You stand silhouetted above me, the wind whips your hair, sunlight breaks across your nipples, I can see goose pimples rising on your skin. You look down at me, holding your cock, feeling its weight and power. You are like nothing I have ever seen, a creature of all sexes. I cannot resist you and I don't want to. You watch me part my labia with both hands. I test the slickness of my pussy with a single finger. I raise my hips off the ground, arching my back as high as I can, my offering. I know that in a moment you will join me on the ground, brush the hair from my face, tell me you love me, kiss me apple-sweet and then invade me. I will be a boat on a big sea and you will be the storm that rages before delivering me to the distant shore. I give myself to you."

"Was that so hard? You are beautiful Johnny and I will take you."

"I couldn't stop you if I wanted to."

When I kiss her I try to kiss her sweetly. I kiss her mouth the way one woman would kiss another womans' pussy. How does a woman kiss? I lay back and she enters me. She presses the slippery dong against my hole, I resist for a painful moment and then, POP! She's in and I am soaring. Fio is stroking away, fucking skillfully. I lose myself in the rhythm and waves of pleasure. I am a beautiful girl lifted from the pages of a magazine. I grip the harness and rock my hips, I work to take her deeper. I am an object. I am available. Fio is in control, she pounds, caresses, rolls me over, sets me on my knees. Her hands guide me through the positions, on my back, my side, my knees. I don't just take her cock, I crave it and I grind for it. Fiona is careless, she hurts me, she is attentive, she heals me. She is sweating now. I am on my back again, holding my knees high to give her full access. She is in a zone. I don't know who she is fucking. It may be me. I can hear voices on street just yards away. A couple is discussing diner plans. Cars are parked and doors open and close. Through a few inches of Victorian wood and plaster Fiona sodomizes me, fucks my ass with a silicone dick while families lick ice cream cones just feet away It is god damned wild. I just try to stay with her. I am no where near in control. My head is knocking against the wall, the bed is torn to hell. I go where Fio wants to go. I take her deep until the steel and silicone and leather chaff my thighs and leave me raw. I hug and hold her. She is in me to the hilt and still diving. I pour kisses up and down her neck and shift my hips looking for a way take one more inch of her cock. My heart begins to crack, my heart is cracking, my heart...

Fio is done now. We lie together and Fio talks. My hole is a void. Unconsciously I rock my hips. I feel like I have come off a ship after days at sea. I can still feel her motions, my ass and prostate throb and remember her inside me. I close my eyes and hover. Fiona's voice is distant like a far off point of a light. Only with Fiona am I this man/girl. Only with Fiona do I surrender all control.

I reach around and unbuckle the false dick then put it aside. I put my hand between her legs and she opens them. I find her pussy wet and swollen. I plow my face into her musky sex and search out her juices like a man just off the desert. I lick circles and suck her clit until a shuddering wave goes through her body. When I move up and kiss her she tastes her cunt then slides my cock into her damp darkness and closes it around me. Our fucking starts slowly and then becomes turbulent with Fiona gnashing her teeth and kicking like a cowboy trying to stay on a horse. We don't last long and once we have cum we sleep. I dream that I am flying. I dream that I leave our warm blue world and enter the dark realm of the stars. I drift for many years, my disembodied self rockets through the heavens until I come upon a dying star. There I wait in the cool stillness of space and watch the star burn and fold in upon its self, burst outwards in a blinding flash, then collapses in silence leaving nothing but a perfect void.

Part III

When we wake and have had our shower I fix diner. We talk, but not really. I realize I really don't know her any more than she knows me. I'm not sure I want to. I love her, God only knows I love her. But I could never know her, not her core, her inner self. She shows herself to me when she is taking me. But it is animal, a hunger. She places one hand over mine across the table and eats with the other. It is a sweet, gentle gesture, quite uninhibited, but with that casual touch she possesses me. While she is touching me, while energy crackles and arcs from her flesh to mine, I am hers, my free will is gone. Surely if Morgan Le Fay had a sister, it is Fiona.

Fio smiles warmly when she goes to get a glass of wine. She hugs me from behind, runs a cool hand down my naked spine and slides it teasingly into the back of my jeans while tugging at my ear with her teeth. I stop mid mouthful. Oh Fio, I think. Oh Fio, here we go, another long night.


Post #1 - thought of the day.

From a very long time back I have wanted to be penetrated and to be a bottom. I have never wanted to be gay or bi. I have had my moments of doubt during those times that my desire would rise and my skin would crawl with wanting to be fucked and I would wonder if I was gay and if I had chosen the wrong sexuality.
Ah! And then the wonders of leather and silicone. The Strapon. Now a girl can be a boy and boy can be a girl, my wife can be a top and I can be a bottom. Now a hetero male can lay beneath a hetero woman and enjoy role reversal and be penetrated and fucked.
What a great thing.